Whether you call them chatbots, aglets, virtual agents, or conversation AI, Engage can help.  If you are merely looking for chatbots driven by artificial intelligence (AI), we can help you source a solution with one of our conversational technology partners.  If you are looking for a blended chat model, you've come to the right place.

Engage is doing pioneering work in the field of blended conversational technology (BCT).  We are bringing together RI (Real Intelligence) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide a unique client communication solution.  For example, if you have an inside sales rep who is available at various times during the day, we can help present them to customers for live chat.  Then, during busy periods and off-hours the live rep experience can be covered by a Virtual Agent version of that same rep.  Rather than merely relying on a single robotic AI instance, in the blended conversational model the default is an authentic, named human being, and the fallback is augmented by the chatbot.

Pre-formatted responses in live chats are called "operator scripting" and these have been used in chat conversations for many years.  The next generation of operator scripting will lean on AI to reduce redundant responses, improve time-to-response, and draw upon more resources to augment the already great experiences provided by real, knowledgeable agents.