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Live Status!

Engage is extremely proud of maintaining 99% or better up-time. Interested in seeing the up-time of Engage infrastructure?  You can view our public status page at any time:

POTENTIAL IMPACT notice from Engage 11/1/16

Level 3 is one of the largest networks in the U.S. and they are having major outage issues today.  As a backbone to U.S. Internet infrastructure many ISPs rely on data transmission on Level 3.  The current issues they are experiencing could impact your use of Engage. The status of your users may not be transmitted, which could result in "error" issues in logging in as well as status not updating in widgets.  Engage infrastructure is up, but parts of the Internet are being impacted which would cause unusual behavior that could be experienced by some Engage clients.  Here is a map of the Level 3 outage area.  Engage was not impacted by the last major outage on 10/21/16 and we are not seeing any impacts today, but if your ISP uses Level 3 as a data carrier, that could explain the issues.  Also, we do not know for certain if this is another DoS attack similar to what occurred on 10/21/16, or if this is merely isolated to just Level 3.

A special notice from Engage 10/21/16

What is believeD to be a series of unprecedented DoS attacks has caused major impacts across the Internet today.  Major websites have been impacted at different points, and reports from the East Coast U.S. said at times half the Internet went dark.  It has been reported that the U.S. Government is looking at this as a criminal act.

We wanted to update you about Engage.  Our website engage.co has been impacted at several points and some visitors, especially those on the east coast, have not been able to access our site, or parts of our site.

However, none of our underlying services have been impacted.  The chat dashboard has been up continuously and all widget and chat API services remain at 100% uptime.  You can always view publicly the status of Engage infrastructure by visiting: http://stats.pingdom.com/7axuogji186z

Engage employs an extremely high level of security around our platform, and we support the uptime of our platform with distributed infrastructure across a global content delivery network.  While we fully expect our service to remain accessible to customers, we are continuing to monitor this situation closely.

Engage Error 7.3.16

  • On Sunday, July 3rd we were alerted by a client to an issue where they manually logged out of Engage, shut their computer down, and received incoming chats over the evening.  The symptoms were that when logging in the next day being surprised to see that incoming chats had occurred over the evening, that the timed-out response did not work, and that the customer contact info and customer information panel were not populating with customer data.  We had not seen this issue previously and all initial tests on our end were unable to reproduce the issue (though we could observe the behavior in that user's account). The issue seemed to expand to several other users on 7.5.16 (for unknown reasons).  As a result, we went all-hands-on-deck with all available engineering resources being applied towards addressing the issue.  What we suspect right now is that this issue is being caused by our dashboard infrastructure correctly seeing the user has changed their status to offline, that information is being reported to our status server, but the status server is not updating the status to "release" the users status to "offline".  A number of new test functions have been written to observe the behavior and a solution to the problem is being worked through.  This problem had not been previously observed and so its occurrence and persistence have been quite perplexing, but we're optimistic we'll address the issue promptly.  If you believe you have been affected with this issue (most users have not been), please email us at hello@engage.co so we can monitor your account.  Thank you. On 7.7.16 this problem continued to be "in-process" with a fix.  The engineers developed an alternative method to detect and confirm status between the dashboard and the status servers.  A solution is currently in QA testing.  An unscheduled maintenance window will occur after hours to reboot one or more servers and a software patch will be applied.  To those affected, thank you for your patience.  Many of you have taken time to help provide us more information and a fix wouldn't be possible without your cooperation, so thank you!  On 7.8.16 a server reboot occurred, and a software patch was applied.  We applied a new status check methodology which allows Engage to check both the dashboard AND status servers for availability.  For those who are NOT double-confirmed as available for chat, you will be default timed-out in 90-120 seconds.  We believe with this fix the issue has been resolved.  If you continue to remain in an "online" status and don't believe you should be, please login to Engage, then logout.  This will reset your status and going forward we will double-check your true availability.

Engage Error 5.30.16

  • On Thursday May 30th we were alerted by a client about broken chat sessions occurring on an Android device.  Engineering found the issue with Android.  Chrome on android was recently updated, and the code that creates the desktop notifications was recognizing the Notification API on mobile, but when it tried to create the notification it failed and blocked incoming messages from being processed.  As a result, it was possible for an agent in dashboard to not see messages coming in from a customer, or the ability for the customer to see incoming messages. The fix was tested and deployed on 6.1.16.  In addition, engineering has added additional checks designed to keep this from happening in the future.

Engage Error 5.23.16

  • At approximately 10:45am PDT on May 23rd, 2016 an updated version of Engage was pushed out that included new code that deployed to a single chat server and not the entire infrastructure, as intended. As a result, it was possible that for some users incoming chats were immediately disconnected and that actual and visible agent status could not be uniform. A key symptom of this issue was that a chat agent would be logged out of the dashboard, requiring them to login again. A fix was released at approximately 11:57am PDT. Steps have been taken to prevent this in the future and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  Rest assured this was not infrastructure downtime, but rather a software release issue.

Engage Dashboard Changes pushed 4.26.16

  • Administrators can now control (limit) the number of agents who appear in the widget.  In some instances (especially where you have more than 30 agents "online" simultaneously) the number of available agents could be overwhelming to visitors.  With this new setting you can limit the visible agents to a number (limit) you determine, such as 15 agents.  

Engage Dashboard Changes pushed 4.4.16

  • Administrators can now disable the widget on your website with a single click.  This feature was designed so that when installing Engage and getting team members (users) onboarded the widget won't load.  Once you're ready for showtime, you can click it and the widget will be live.  Now you can install the widget code right away, but activate the widget when it makes sense for you.

Engage Dashboard Changes pushed 3.25.16

  • Administrators can now change your team members status between "active" and "inactive" and also delete users.  The inactive status means that the user is effectively hidden from displaying in widgets.  This is a useful tool if an employee is gone on vacation or leave, or if they use Engage but are not part of the customer-facing set of team members you wish to display (such as IT people, marketing people, or admins).  To change a user status: 1) login to the admin dashboard, 2) click on "edit account" then click on "team" and then choose the user and click on "status" where you'll be able to toggle between "active" and "inactive".

Engage Dashboard Changes pushed 3.21.16

  • Administrators can now change your company directory domain name.  For example: http://directory.engage.co/ppr When the domain has been changed, it is updated at the sub-directory structure in the URL.  In addition, this change is automatically synced with the Engage API and updates all widgets and pointers without any required modifications.
  • New reset password function.

Engage Dashboard Changes pushed 3.8.16

  • From the Engage dashboard you can now edit your profile
  • The Engage dashboard design and layout received modest changes
  • The message dialogue window has messages of alternating colors
  • Account admins can now edit user profiles
  • Account admins can now change user passwords
  • Account admins can now edit their company profile
  • Account admins can now build unlimited widgets
  • Users and admins can now add photos and logos

Features, Capabilities & Improvements in Development

  • Syndication code Browser Preview Tracking which allows the dashboard to display any third-party site where you are syndicated to as a referrer source for incoming Engagements
  • Color palette for widgets
  • Make "end chat" and "email transcript" more obvious in the dashboard
  • Ability for admins to add categories
  • Ability for admins to delete/suspend
  • Advanced statistics / analytics
  • WebRTC updates
  • Real-time B2B/B2C intelligence (Extensions Panel)
  • Metadata and Schema
  • Chat bots and chat automation
  • Pre-canned messages (aka operator scripting)
  • In-dialogue preview of shared URLs
  • Design updates to HTML5 Profile page, including new "End Chat" button
  • Adding "online" menu option to HTML5 Company Directory pages
  • Flag to proactively show the same agent previously interacted with based on a tracking cookie
  • Android / Google Play app, with push notifications
  • Apple / iPhone app, with push notifications
  • In-dialogue file/asset sharing
  • More CRM integrations planned, including SugarCRM, Highrise, Insightly, Solve, PipelineDeals, SuiteCRM, vTiger, Zoho, baseCRM, Netsuite, Nimble, SAP and Infusionsoft
  • Simplifying access to existing CRM integrations including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics
  • Adding an "SMS" option for sending asynchronous client communications from the dashboard directly to the customers mobile phone