About Engage:

Engage helps you sell immediately anywhere online.  It enables sales professionals to be available for live omni-channel customer interactions and sales. It is our aim for Engage to be as useful to the daily life of a salesperson as telephone or email. Our clients deploy Engage to various digital touch points so their sales team members can instantly interact one-on-one with visitors, prospects and customers.  Engage represents a new way to sell across digital channels.  It is polite, friendly, human.


Disintermediation Statement:

Engage is a sales augmentation and efficacy tool that is both disrupting and eliminating outmoded and under-producing web-based lead-gen tactics such as lead gen forms.  Engage instead helps companies like yours to leverage your greatest asset to improve visitor-to-lead conversion ratios: your customer-facing sales force.  Engage enables today's online buyer to search, find and communicate immediately with the right person, right place, right time. This obvious, yet previously missing, approach drives authenticity, trust, and continuity at this critical stage in the buy/sell life cycle.  In short, we help you sell more, faster.

Through this disintermediation we are helping make the digital world a better place.  The pendulum has swung very far towards automation and Engage is here to help it swing back more towards meaningful human interactions.  We believe that in the not-too-distant future virtually every commercial website will be more transparent by making people accessible to visitors, prospects and customers.

Mission Statement:
We’re on a mission to help you
sell more, faster by fostering immediate, personable, authentic and enduring relationships with web-based prospects, customers and partners, EVERYWHERE.


Wade Wendorf - Senior Developer



Gary Rubens - founder of ATG Stores (acquired by Lowe's)



Randy Bishop - founder of Verengo Solar (acquired by NRG), ContractSafe



Brian Cohen - former CMO at Farmer's Insurance, Partner at Altamont Capital Partners


Mike Bechtel - Ringleader Ventures





Matt Elliott - Director Virtuoso (Travel Advisory Group)


Leigh Brown - founder Leigh Brown & Associates RE/MAX (RE Advisory Group)


Mike Maddock - founding partner Maddock Douglas (Insurance Advisory Group)





Gary Flake - former CTO at Salesforce, Technical Fellow at Microsoft, Principal Scientist at Yahoo!

 A Posthumous Note of Appreciation:
We pay special thanks to and honor the memory of Larry Hopfenspirger, founder of Hopfenspirger Realty. Larry was an amazing real estate developer, entrepreneur, and was one of our earliest investors. Sadly, Larry passed away in 2016 after a battle with cancer. Larry, we hope the fishing is great in heaven!