Distributed Click-to-Call

Engage can help you quickly and easily set up and deploy click-to-call solutions that can be integrated into various digital environments, including:

  • Your company website
  • Product SKUs
  • Digital brochures and documents
  • Email signatures
  • Digital advertising
  • Microsites and landing pages

The Engage click-to-call web service enables detection of the buyer/consumer device, and take applicable responsive action, including:

  • Detecting desktop computer usage, taking a phone number input, and routing call to contact center via email, or establishing an auto-dialer connection
  • Detecting mobile smart phone or tablet usages, then converting a click-action to an open dial pad, routing call to contact center via email, or auto-dialer connection
  • Providing customer-facing employees with a direct, dedicated URL link for real-time customer communications which can be invoked from virtually any digital location.