Our customers told us "Legacy text chat, with their impersonal little boxes and nameless faceless call center experiences was our only option for website chat for the last two decades.  It diminished our company to a customer experience that was something we were embarrassed about.  Until Engage came along, we just didn't have a good way to deliver a chat experience that up to our customer service standards.  Our customers couldn't be happier with this new platform."

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It’s so frustrating to go on websites that offer nameless, faceless chat. I sit in a queue waiting on hold, just like a phone. It’s 2015! Engage is the exact opposite. I feel like I’ve walked in the store and was greeted by a friendly face!
— Nancy Strong, Minneapolis, MN

Once your customer selects who they want to speak with, they are taken to a rich chat interface that gives them information about who they are chatting with, right within the page.  They can also access any links or files for download.

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