Reinvent Your Salesforce

If your sales team isn't equipped for the digital age, you are losing customers right now. You wouldn't let customers leave your store empty-handed. Don't let them leave your website without a meaningful sales interaction.
Group Discussion

Live Engagement

The Engage Live Inside Sales dashboard is an HTML5, browser-based interface that you log into and initiate real-time sales with your web-based visitors, prospects, and customers. From this central location you can share your availability (online status), manage real-time conversations in text/audio/video, track your conversations, and monitor performance analytics that help you sell more, faster. It's smart and authentic relationship-building technology, and you can deploy it anywhere.

  • Quickly add proactive sales engagement widgets to your website that empower your visitors with the tools to easily find, self-select, and initiate live messaging with your customer-facing inside sales team members.


Only available from Engage, your inside sales agents have the ability to deliver a level of personalization to your visitors, prospects and customers unlike anything available before on the web.  With our proprietary re-engagement technology, you can surface the same agent a visitor has talked with previously, even when the customer visits three hours, three days, or three weeks later.  It allows you to take an extra step in delivering a high-touch level of service to your customer.


Longtime Customers

Company Directory 

Engage has built a Directory Page to assist customers in seamlessly navigating through a list of your company's agents. It's simple, succinct, and effective. 

Some features include:

  • An active URL that can be shared with prospects and customers

  • The ability to easily sort personnel by department

  • Access to immediate contact information for named employees

  • A real-time status which shows who is "online"

  • Support for live text, audio and video messaging

  • A great internal resource for finding available staff


Personal Interaction

EMployee Profile Pages

Finally, your customer-facing employees can have a personal profile on the internet. Engage's Employee Profile Pages make your support team publicly available to meet and great all potential customers on any device, at any time, with their own unique URL.  

  • Their profile page is publicly accessible, meaning all prospects and customers (even anonymous customers) can come to their page and connect with them at any time

  • Profile pages powered by Engage are branded to your corporate identity.

  • A boost to your employees ego; it's like a beautiful business card for the web

  • Responsively designed to work on desktop, tablet and smartphone