Our team here at Engage felt that old fashioned website chat needed some serious improvements.  We knew that to revolutionize the chat experience, we would have to re-think how your customers and team members would want to use chat.

The result is a solution that is incredibly easy to integrate and use, while also helping your company deliver an unparalleled way to instantly meet and greet your customers on the web. We want to truly give you and your customers a brand new way to Engage.

Here are some the features Engage shares in common with old fashioned chat software:

Text Chat

Website "Chat Now" Buttons

Chat Log Retention

Custom Branding

Proactive Chat

Audible & Visual Chat Notifications

Multiple Concurrent Chat Sessions

Email Chat Session To Visitor

Visitor Analysis: Referring URL and Pages Visited

Chat Analytics

Administrative Controls

Single Line of Code Integration

Plus, there are features Engage provides or invented that many old fashioned chat software programs don’t, including:

Queueless Chat
Engage invented queueless chat.  Don’t make your customers wait in a line when you can provide them with instant chat.  Your customers will love instant response!

Agent Profiles
Customers love knowing who they are talking with.  Engage uniquely provide dynamic profiles for each chat agents.  Now customers can see a name, face and bio, making for a more friendly chat experience.

Browser Preview
See a live view of the website page your customer is currently visiting.  It helps provide immediate context.

Audio & Video Chat
With a web cam and a headset you can start chatting with customers in audio and video with Engage.

Chat Memory
Engage automatically "remembers" and displays prior chats with customers.

Completely Browser (Cloud) Based
Log into Engage from any major web browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE) to access your agent chat console.

Responsively Designed
Engage will responsively fit the device you are using, including desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Direct Chat URL
Each chat agent is provided with their own personalized direct chat URL.  The URL makes it easy for customers to find chat agents again, and your personnel will love sharing their own chat URL with customers.  Great for email signatures, too!

Unlimited Chats
Under the simple one-price plan, all you pay is $7 for unlimited chats.  No metering or per-chat fees.  When we say unlimited, we mean it.

Chat Log Keyword Search
Search your chat logs just like a search engine.  Put in any keyword and immediately receive highlighted chat results for that search term.

HIPAA-Compliant Security
We take security seriously. Engage is one of the few chat solutions on the planet to undergo rigorous HIPAA compliance testing.  

FINRA-Compliant Record Retention
Marketing and transacting financial service business has stringent requirements, including marketing records and recall capabilities.  Engage is built to deliver.

Company Directory
Another first-of-its-kind innovation from Engage is the concept of surfacing employee directories so customers and find and select who they want to talk with. Providing customers a menu of your people helps more quickly create credibility and trust.

Team and Department Directory
Put your sales team on your products and your support team on other pages.  With Engage you can display the right people on the appropriate pages on your site.  

Agent-Level Status Buttons
Want to show specific sales personnel or chat agents with specific products? With Engage you can display agent-specific chat buttons.  This goes far beyond legacy chat and allows customers to be assured the person they are going to chat with is qualified to help with their particular need.

Offline Agent-Specific Messaging
When chat agents and personnel are unavailable for chat, visitors and customers can still send messages to your specific named personnel in your organization.

Dynamic Data Visualization
Big data has become very popular.  Engage helps you mine your chat tracking data for key performance indicators, and helps you visualize this data in new ways.

Media / File Storage and Sharing
Each chat agent can use Engage to store media and files to inform and educate customers and prospects. These assets can be shared during the chat session.

Hyper Local Visitor IP Geolocation
Engage has IP geolocation capabilities available in no other chat solution on the planet. We can help you understand where they customer is chatting from to an unprecedented local level. 

Incoming Chat Audible and Visual Alerts
Who wants to live in a chat module all day long?  Your chat agents and personnel are often busy with what matters: helping find, grow and retain customers.  Engage is additive (not cannibalistic) to their existing workflow.  Smart alerts signal opportunity.

API (application programming interface)
Want to customize Engage or take the infrastructure and do new things?  No problem.  The Engage RESTful API service was designed to give you flexibility, control and freedom.

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