Engage has created a way to connect real, live humans with the IoT (Internet of Things).  Imagine a future where everyday IoT-connected devices have supporting human beings that represents those things, can help you with service and sales, and can help you at a concierge level.  Engage can help with that!

Using assets like employee IDs, tags and QR codes, we can help you connect your devices to a directory of your customer support and sales staff to better support the IoT-connected devices you place in the field.  For instance, imagine a farmer riding a $600,000 combine when all of a sudden the oil pressure crashes.  He turns the engine off, scans the QR by his door, and is instantly connected on his mobile phone to Steven, a live service tech who helps diagnose the problem and schedule an on-site repair tech.

Here at Engage we think differently.  While the tech world is rushing to chatbots and virtual assistants, we're running in the other direction: towards HUMAN.  We think that the tacit and experiential knowledge of real, qualified people still matters today, and will long into the future.  So, we're helping connect the IoT to the IoP (Internet of People).  As a result, we're augmenting assets with the authenticity and capability of people.