Next Generation Chat Technology

Engage is a comprehensive digital communication platform between potential customers and representatives from your business.

chat widget

With Engage you can place a chat widget on any web page. Take a look at the right side of this page. These widgets can be easily customized to match the style of your website. The widget displays the name and picture of your salespeople. The widget gives your an option customer to chat in real time with one of your salespeople.

The chat interface runs flawlessly in all major browsers and on mobile. Chats are received by your representatives on an elegant dashboard that shows the representative where the user is browsing from, what page they are on, and any previous messages that they have sent to the representative. The dashboard stores transcripts and statistics about conversation flow that can help asses your sales representatives. 


Each of your salespeople on the Engage platform has their own profile page with a static URL. This page is a digital profile for a given agent that allows the customer to learn more about their specialties or background. Users can also bookmark profile pages to return to the same representative they had spoken with previously. 

The profile gives the user an opportunity to chat in real time or to leave a message if a representative is not available. 


An interactive directory is automatically created for every company that uses Engage. This page also has a static URL and shows all of the representatives n your company who use Engage. The directory helps customers find the representative that fits them best and understand the company on a personal level. 



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