Live Employee Profile Pages
- Invented by Engage

Has your organization encountered issues with the fact you want your customer-facing employees to have a profile on the Internet, but having that profile locked behind a social media walled garden is causing problems with prospects and customers immediately contacting them?  If so, you are not alone.  Your inside sales and support teams need to be publicly available to meet and greet customers on the web. This is an obvious concept, but one that is difficult to achieve when locked behind private social networks.  And, often impossible when your customers are anonymous.

Engage can help free your personnel to own their professional identity, profile page, and be open for business on the web.  Their profile page is publicly accessible, meaning all prospects and customers (even anonymous customers) can come to their page and connect with them at any time and from any device without needing a prior relationship.  In addition, profile pages powered by Engage are branded to your corporate identity.

Here are just a few of the many great reasons to build your own employee profile pages with Engage:

  • Branded to your corporate identity
  • Display employee "online" status
  • Real-time text, audio, video messaging enabled
  • A personal URL for each employee (great for email signatures)
  • Prospects and customer don't need to be "connected" to reach out
  • A boost to your employees ego; it's like a beautiful business card for the web
  • Responsively designed to work on desktop, tablet and smartphone