- Invented by Engage

Only available from Engage, your inside sales agents have the ability to deliver a level of personalization to your visitors, prospects and customers unlike anything available before on the web.  With our proprietary re-engagement technology, you can surface the same agent a visitor has talked with previously, even when the customer visits three hours, three days, or three weeks later.  It allows you to take an extra step in delivering a high-touch level of service to your customer.

Key Features of Re-Engagement:

  • Surface the same agent visitor previously talked to
  • Customized call-to-action based on prior conversation
  • Talk to the customer by name (within any login or form fields required)
  • Instantly show your sales agent the previous conversation with that visitor, allowing both parties to start the conversation exactly where it left off
  • Maintain relationship continuity at a level today's web-based customers expect