Live Inside Sales Everywhere
- Invented by Engage

The Engage Live Inside Sales Dashboard is an HTML5, browser-based interface that you log into and initiate real-time sales with your web-based visitors, prospects, and customers.  From this central location you can share your availability (online status), manage real-time conversations in text/audio/video, track your conversations, and monitor performance analytics that help you sell more, faster.  It's smart and authentic relationship-building technology, and you can deploy it EVERYWHERE.

✔ Cloud-based – nothing to install
✔ 99.9% uptime
✔ Super simple to use
✔ Your customers will love it!


  • Control your online status
  • Be available for live sales engagements
  • Customer and partner messaging
  • Text, audio and video messaging
  • See web page customer is on
  • See the customer's browser and OS
  • See the referring URL
  • Watch what pages the customer visits
  • Take notes
  • IP Geolocate and map your customer
  • Audible and visual message alerts
  • View and keyword search logs
  • Research performance analytics


  • Also responsively designed for mobile and touch
  • Can be deployed to your website, social media channels, digital advertising, digital documents, search engines, and beyond.

Still Not Ready for Engage?  Let us try our Vulcan Mind Meld of Logic on you:

  1. Engage is a tool that makes sales simple and immediate.
  2. Your inside sales people are your best asset.  
  3. Why not put your inside sales team members available on your home page to accept live customer sales opportunities?
  4. Give your inside sales people the ultimate sales tool, a way for customer to call them directly from your home page.
  5. Engage eliminates the lead gen form  - No one likes it anyway!
  6. Customers don’t have time to fill out lead gen forms.
  7. They simply want to talk to  your knowledgeable inside sales force. 
  8. Engage helps you sell directly, FAST!
  9. Click the "Sign up Now for Free" button above.
  10. Live long and prosper.