About Salesfolks
Salesfolks™ is the world’s first search engine for live salespeople. We built it to make it easier for customers to find and connect immediately with sales help.

What Category is Salesfolks Defining?
SaaP (Sales as a Platform): We are building a platform for synchronous selling that provides salespeople the ability to sell in real-time, and enables companies to provide digital extensibility to their sales force. Think “Uber for Sales.” It helps customers find/connect with a qualified salesperson for nontrivial goods/services (things that are unique, complex and/or expensive). It makes accessing salespeople 10X faster. Customers will never have to wait for a salesperson again. 

What Big Problem is Salesfolks Solving?
The massive “Pre-CRM” problem. There is an extant decay rate inherent in all lead opportunities.  Speed matters in conversion success; if you don’t respond to a lead fast your probability of a conversion quickly decays.  However, all available in-market solutions today introduce superfluous friction and latency into the buying process.  In short, when impatient prospects and customers are in a buying mood and need immediate help, they hate waiting. Whether a phone follow-up 4 minutes later or an email 4 hours later, delays have a lost opportunity cost. Salesfolks is solving this problem by enabling high-touch at high-scale.

What’s Novel about Salesfolks Technology?
We have three things that make us unique:

  • First, we have built patent-pending technology that matches an interested customer with a named salesperson. This “search engine for live salespeople” has some incredible minds around it, including Jordan Ritter (co-founder of Napster and an expert in search technology) and Gary Flake (former CTO of Search at Salesforce and a Microsoft Fellow). 

  • Second, almost all modern conferencing/meeting technology requires both the salesperson and the customer to download software, and app or a plug-in to make it work. Salesfolks powers instant text/audio/video/screen sharing with zero download/install requirements. It just works organically and elegantly in all modern web browsers.

  • Third, we have developed a back-end model that provide an “Uber for Sales” that allows companies to also grow their footprint through sales force extensibility through a risk-free on-demand sales force. Imagine doubling your digital sales team with zero overhead or risk.  Too good to be true? It was, until now!

Early Client Traction
We have powered over 500,000 sales interactions for clients including The PGA Tour and Mutual of Omaha. We are supporting unique, complex and expensive purchase scenarios where salesperson intervention using our technology has resulted in sales typically ranging between $2,500 and $80,000. We estimate we’ve delivered several hundred million $$$ in sales success for our clients.

Size of Market
We compete in the $6 trillion market for high-value B2B and B2C goods and services.  We specifically help companies where sales are difficult or impossible without salesperson engagement. Our estimate is that Salesfolks could benefit more than 20 million salespeople, and in the future support an on-demand sales force as large as large as an additional 10 million salespeople.