Putting Customers in the Driver’s Seat
Half of customers start their car buying experience by turning to the Internet to perform their pre-purchase due diligence. How many online customer opportunities are you missing?

We put your sales force on the Internet for improved customer reaction time and stronger customer relationships. 

Engage technology has been built to help your salespeople:

  • form meaningful relationships with prospective car buyers at the moment of interest by getting them in front of your customers

  • enabling live one-to-one conversation

  • and effectively converting online meetings to offline test drives and sales.

The Right Customer for the Right Sales Person

Engage becomes your Company’s sales switchboard on the Internet, making sure the right sales, services and parts people are connected to customers at the right time. We help humanize the interaction experience via the Internet, increasing personal touch loyalty, and reducing reaction time for the dealership to the customer.

  • Ever wonder why you get thousands of hits and hardly any of them turn into business?

  • Maybe it is too difficult or complex for the customer to reach you?

  • Can your customer get instantly in contact to the right salesperson at your dealerships?

We easily plug into your manufacturer and dealer websites, and connect via any flavor of communication your customer desires, to both online and offline sales personnel. Engage instantly converts the lost opportunities (hits) into immediate revenue opportunities.


Engage delivers conversion ratios around 5.5% for hits to engagement conversion, and about 12% for hits to form submittals. Engage will provide your dealerships with new qualified engagements, which previously were lost opportunities.

You will experience immediate accountable results within minutes of implementation.

Engage integrates all the communications and form submittal functions inside a personification portal on your web site, with just a single line of embed code. It can do it for one person, a department, a dealership, or a full enterprise, across departments and diverse geographic locations. Engage keeps your prospects focused on the brand experience, not some program provider outside of your live session with the customer.

Business value:

Engage instantly connects a qualified car buyer to your salespeople, a customer to your dealership centers. Engage can also connect your finance managers utilizing both external and internal web sites.

Engage is the Internet switchboard connecting salespeople and car buyers together seamlessly without having to use additional programs; it is all embedded in your own web-site and completely tracked and controlled by you. It truly enables business and immediately sales relationships on the Internet.