Helping convert visitors to qualified leads

Real people matter. They create that important first impression, they help prospective customers evaluate your offerings, and they take care of your customers. It’s your people who build and nurture the relationships on which your business success depends. Remember... customers buy from people they like and trust.

What Engage does is to literally give a “face” to your Company on your website. It helps introduce the personality and personal selling skills of your people, which results in higher lead capture rates for your software products.  Software is such a competitive space, and often that personal connection you can make with a prospect makes all the difference.  They want to feel like more than a number.

We understand that Engage isn’t for every type of software.  If you give away your software for free, or your SaaS model is entirely dependent on automated self-service, Engage probably isn’t right for you.  However, if building relationships with customers is part of your software sales model, then why not give Engage a try?

The bottom line with Engage

Our customers know that customer engagement on the web needs to be a profoundly human experience. They are bold. They are visionary. They believe in transparency and authenticity. They believe their software customers deserve something better than the status quo live chat text box experience. They want to build a lasting relationship with their software customers; an ongoing relationship that contributes to a higher CLTV (customer lifetime value).