Leveraging Reps for High-touch Online Engagement

For more than 40 years the telephone has been the backbone of the call center.  But now there is another place where customer can initiate outreach: the Internet.

The call center has some catching up to do.

Engage can be quickly deployed within the call center to mobilize reps for web-based customer interactions for inbound leads as well as outbound website visitor intercepts. 

Your reps will have immediate conversations with online customers via text, audio and video. 

Unlike legacy call center chat solutions, Engage helps your call center leverage your people as a sustainable competitive differentiator. The authenticity only delivered by Engage will help you source and service more web-bound calls, a reality worthy of premium rates.

Just a few of the ways the call center can uniquely tap into Engage for new client services:

  • Personalized support for high-touch sales

  • Broader appeal to consumers who don’t want to wait in chat queues

  • Extended coverage hours (think 7pm-7am) when the clients are not staffing Engage with their internal team

  • Managed services for high-touch call center chat (subscription-based coverage)

Engage is the Internet switchboard connecting call center and customers together seamlessly without having to use additional programs; it is all embedded in your client’s website and completely tracked and controlled by both you and your client. It truly enables the highest touch call center response available on the Internet today.