There are many ways that Engage can be used in healthcare. From Open Enrollment to consulting of chronic patients, Engage is a more personalized way to connect with web-based clients and patients.

  • Engage can be used to reduce your costs associated with coverage confirmations between the provider and the insurer (which can be a substantial number of costly, high friction communication exchanges)

  • Engage can be used by your customer service reps to enhance customer appreciation and enjoyment with coverage thus leading to a defensible quality of service in the post-ACA competitive landscape

  • Engage can be a competitive differentiator to acquire new customers during Open Enrollment and life event changes.

  • Engage is a HIPAA-compliant solution. We have worked with Dell SecureWorks to implement stringent policies for protecting data and maintaining security.

  • In addition, Engage can be good for your business by contributing to improved Patient Satisfaction, Patient Experience and HCAHPS Scores.