The Live Company Directory
- Invented by Engage

Have you ever been on a website and said to yourself, "I wish I could just find a page that has a list of all their people so I could find somebody to talk to?"  If so, you're not alone.  For almost two decades the most prevalent method for visitors to get in contact with a website has been the "Contact Us" page.  The frustration is that all you get is a phone number and address, maybe a generic contact email address, and all too often a set of form fields you have to fill out and submit to who-knows-where?

Engage has invented a Directory Page for websites.  Finally, now you have a way to find people within a company quickly and easily.  The Directory Page can be added to a site map, and can easily be linked from the website footer or even off the "Contact Us" page.

Here are just a few of the many interesting features of having a Directory Page:

  • An active URL that can be shared with prospects and customers
  • Easily sort personnel by department
  • Immediately find contact information for named employees
  • Easily find the right personnel based on job title
  • Real-time status shows who is "online"
  • Supports live text, audio and video messaging
  • A great internal resource for finding available staff

Company Directory Consulting

Engage can help you with your cloud-based company directory.  LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) has played an important role in intranet directories, but a new schema is required for public exposure of customer-facing employees, especially inside sales.  Engage has been helping companies develop and deploy cloud-based employees directories that take accessibility, availability and engagement to a whole new level.