The Anti-Chatbot Company

To Lex Luthor there was Superman. To Chatbots there is Engage (humans).

Some of the world's largest companies have hired tens of thousands of workers to build AI and chatbots.  There is a coming wave of disintermediation where conventional interactions that would otherwise call for humans will now be replaced with bots.  The team here at Engage simply asked, are all bots good?

There are certainly situations where programmatic, homogenized bots may make sense: such as in binary, redundant, or commoditized transactions.  But, we think that there will never be a replacement for qualitative dialogue between two human beings.

We believe that people still buy from people they know and trust, and that BOTS ARE NOT PEOPLE.

Engage exists to help humans (specifically salespeople) to do a better job of being accessible and communicating in new ways with today's digital customers. We are more than a hedge bet against bots, but also a new form of conversational commerce built on the thesis of curating real salespeople for transparent and authentic digital interactions.  As a result, we're helping salespeople to be more competitive while preserving the great cultural traditions of commerce that date back more than 5,000 years.

Why Can't Bots Just Be People?

While fully engineered and deployed by humans, bots will never BE people.  Bots will have a place in the business world, but purely from an augmentation standpoint.  Bots lack people skills, chemistry, compassion. These salient human qualities can not be programmed into a bot.  There is tremendous value in humans we need to recognize and honor, and so to say that 'bots can do what people do' fails to account for the true uniqueness and amazing capabilities of the species.

To distill the differentiation of humans and bots to it's most fundamental core characteristics:

Bots imitate and are insensitive. Humans innovate and are empathetic.

We challenge you to question your bot communications and how they often detract from meaningful human experiences. We ask that you examine at what cost do inorganic interactions displace real people; those with true tacit and experiential knowledge? You vote with your wallet and so if you believe in the power of human, please chose to do business with companies that hire, employ and empower real people.

Thank you!

- The Engage Team