Web-based Inside Sales Tech Industry Taking Off in a Big Way

Inside Sales technology was a long neglected area of innovation on the web.  E-commerce companies (think Amazon) have really developed really well-oiled machines for commodity goods, but for organizations who need to talk with their customers in person as a natural progression of the sales process - think 'considered purchase' goods and services - there has been much to be desired.

So much focus and investment has been placed onto sales and marketing automation, but for many types of selling scenarios, human interaction is a critical (even essential) component to the sales process.  Sales and marketing automation fails to introduce a qualified sales person to a web-based customer at the right point in the buying process.  With new technology, like Engage, that is changing.  The likelihood of being greeted online with a smiling face is quickly increasing as an alternative to lead-gen forms.

Introducing the personality and personal selling skills of a qualified inside salesperson to an online buyer can do many positive things, including:

  • Improving time-to-sale
  • Addressing customers unanswered questions or objections that would otherwise drive them away from a purchase
  • Increasing the customer satisfaction level
  • Quickly articulating authenticity and trust to the prospect
  • Maintaining continuity in the relationship that spans customer interactions/engagements

Here is a great snapshot of this Inside Sales tech landscape published with week by Venture Beat: http://venturebeat.com/2015/12/01/317-companies-10b-in-funding-and-110k-employees-inside-sales-startups-exploding/